WTF? This KFC-themed Xbox Series X controller might be the ugliest prize ever

KFC Xbox Series X controller
(Image credit: KFC Gaming/Microsoft)

Microsoft and KFC have teamed up to offer fried chicken-loving UK customers a chance at winning an Xbox Series X — and to our horror — a hideous KFC-themed controller besmirched with an unsightly chicken-nugget design (via Tom's Guide).

While we would gladly accept a brand-spankin' new Xbox Series X, we'd have to respectfully pass on the KFC-themed controller "prize." Fried chicken, for the love of all things holy, does not belong on an Xbox Series X gamepad.

The unsightly KFC-themed Xbox Series X controller

KFC's fried chicken is delicious; it's crispy, juicy and down-right delectable. The Xbox Series X controller is another societal treasure; it's the companion of the most powerful gaming console in the world. However, this KFC-themed Xbox Series X controller is proof that two hallmarks of greatness don't always work well together.

Xbox Series X KFC controller

Xbox Series X KFC controller (Image credit: Hot Deals UK)

KFC is offering UK customers a chance at winning an Xbox Series X console. If one fails to win the next-gen console, KFC is also doling out eye sores, er I mean, "consolation prizes" to some lucky participants in the form of KFC-themed Xbox Series X controllers.

KFC did not show the custom-made, limited-edition controller on its contest page (with good reason), but Hot Deals UK managed to secure a picture of the odd-looking prize. It features a red-and-white design concept that's defiled with crumbs, chicken nuggets and Colonel Sanders (KFC's mascot).

As if the fried-chicken controller wasn't cringe-worthy enough, the gamepad features a painful pun that says, "Finger clickin' good." If you're in the UK, and you'd love a chance at winning an Xbox Series X  — and even the hideous custom controller — here's how to enter the contest:

1. Download the KFC app.

2. Opt-in via email to enter the contest.

3. Purchase a box meal from any participating KFC.

4. Scan the KFC barcode on the box meal or receipt using the "Scan Your Code" option in the KFC app. You can also enter by ordering via the KFC App (you don’t need to scan anything if you enter this way).

This contest will run from Oct. 19 to Nov. 15. As Halloween approaches, this is the most opportune time to offer a ghastly prize.

In the US, Microsoft teamed up with Taco Bell to reward some lucky winners with Xbox Series X consoles.

Taco Bell Xbox Series X

Taco Bell offers the Xbox Series X (Image credit: Taco Bell/Microsoft)

Thankfully, the Redmond-based tech giant is not offering a custom-themed Xbox Series X controller besmirched with a taco motif as a consolation prize. This contest ends on Nov. 4.

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