Windows 11 includes a new Microsoft Store — this could be big

Windows 11 Microsoft Store
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Windows 11 will feature an entirely new app store experience, now called the Microsoft Store. This replaces the Windows Store found in Windows 10 and will be the source for purchasing or downloading your apps, games and videos.

The overall look of the store isn't dramatically different from the current Windows Store, which takes cues from the Xbox Series X visual design.

Much of the discussion regarding the Microsoft Store was not regarding the user-facing functionality, but rather how it will appeal to developers. This was certainly designed to put Microsoft's developer relations in stark contrast to Apple's, which have come under fire over the last year.

The biggest reveal here was that developers will be able to keep 100 percent of their revenue if they opt to use their own commerce engine. This is a major shift from other app stores both in the desktop and mobile spaces which typically take about 30 percent of developers revenue and require them to run in-app purchases through them as well. 

We'll definitely need to comb through the fine details here, but that is obviously a significant shift in favor of developers and could drive additional movement toward Windows development.

Windows 11 Microsoft Store

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Another notable addition to the Microsoft Store is Android apps, you'll be able to download them directly from the Microsoft Store and use them natively on your Windows laptop or desktop. They even conveniently integrate with the new Snap Assist feature which will help them fit better on your screen. This is an integration with the Amazon App Store, so you won't find everything that exists in the Google Play Store, but most of the major apps and games will be present.

Windows 11 Android apps

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We'll need to spend some time with the Microsoft Store to get a better feel for the changes, but at first glance, it's visually appealing and appears easy to navigate and search. 

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