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Where to buy Nothing ear (1) earbuds — Regular restocks are starting very soon

Nothing ear (1)
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The hype around Nothing ear (1) has made them difficult to buy. But now, every Tuesday at 12pm EST or 11am BST, new units will drop on Nothing's website thanks to a regular weekly restock.

So far, nothing has launched a few early drops so far — all of which have sold out in minutes. And as the general release looms, our predictions were confirmed, as availability disappeared within the first few days.

If you've been keen to buy a pair and just missed out over the past few weeks, this weekly restock over on is your best chance to pick one up.

Where to buy Nothing ear (1) earbuds

So far, a few retailers have been confirmed to stock the Nothing ear (1) on its official release date of August 17 at 7am ET / 12pm BST.

Nothing: stock drops every Tuesday at 11am BST (EU & UK) / 12pm EST (North America)
Buy from the source for £99 or $99. Early stock drops over on have sold quick, so you will have to be on your toes to catch this one.View Deal

Amazon: regular availability on a roughly weekly basis
An Amazon product page was an unexpected spot for Nothing ear (1), but here we are! Restocks are pretty random at the moment, so it's worth checking round about the official Nothing website restock's time.View Deal


Flipkart: regular availability on a roughly weekly basis
Finally, Nothing ear (1) is dropping in one of India's most popular online retailers today too. View Deal

Should you buy the Nothing ear (1) earbuds?

As I say in my review, these earbuds are a first-generation product with promise. 

While the sound and call quality is amazing, noise canceling is powerful and touch controls are responsive, that transparent design is divisive. Watch my video review and make up your own mind.

We have also written a straightforward Nothing ear (1) review and a long-term review too.

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