This PS5 with a red and black design looks incredible — whether it's real or not

PlayStation 5 Black and Red
(Image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

When the PS5 console was revealed at Sony's Future of Gaming conference, fans immediately pondered upon the possibility of alternate color schemes and styles

Now a black and red edition of the PlayStation 5 has seemingly been leaked (via T3). However, the image is blurry and parts of it look distorted, so it could definitely have been faked by a deceptive fan.

This was posted by ResetEra user BarrBarr, who claims they had received promotional material highlighting the black and red PlayStation 5 at work.

However, skeptical users have pointed out clear indicators that the image was Photoshopped. The most notable sign has to do with the bottom of the DualShock controller, where white stripes are visible from the back end.

Regardless of whether or not the leak is fake, Vice President of UX Design at PlayStation, Matt MacLaurin, already confirmed that many "beautiful (and hopefully radical) special editions" of the PlayStation 5 will be released in the future.

As Sony shifts gears into a new pattern highlighting a black and white color scheme rather than a black and blue one, it's clear fans want more options. Sony has even updated its box art to match these colors, and the community has been split about the changes.

Some fans have even taken redesigns into their own hands, with XboxPope on Instagram creating a handful of custom PlayStation 5 versions revolving around different video games, including Horizon: Forbidden West, Ghosts of Tsushima and Cyberpunk 2077.

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