PS5 game box art revealed — and it looks fresh

PS5 Box Cases
(Image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Sony recently published a blog post about what PlayStation 5 cases will look like when the console releases this holiday. While this may not be a particularly exciting piece of next-gen news, it's good that Sony didn't blow it out of proportion with an event.

Instead, the post is merely a few sentences long, and it isn't filled with any fluff. Overall, the design isn't incredibly different, but one on-brand change for the company is how it's partially abandoning blue as the primary PS5 color.

While the rims of the cases are still blue, the top parts of the face and side of the sleeve now have a white background with a black PlayStation logo and PS5 written in their iconic fonts.

I suspect that during the PlayStation 5 lifecycle, the two primary colors will be black and white, which is likely an attempt to evoke a sleek, futuristic feeling to the design.

PS5 Box Design Comparison

(Image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Putting these images side-by-side helps illustrate the changes, and again, the most important change worth noting is that the top parts of the sleeve are no longer blue.

However, there is one other change that stands out: on Spider-Man's PS4 case, it reads "Only On PlayStation" at the top right. However, that phrase is not visible on the PS5 box, as it has been replaced with the PlayStation Studios logo on the bottom-right corner of the case. 

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