This Prime Day deal is out of this world: 40% off Samsung Galaxy SmartTag

Amazon Prime deal: Samsung Galaxy SmartTag
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If you always find yourself losing keys, the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag might just be the gadget you've been looking for, and it'll help locate lost items up to 130 yards away with the cutting-edge Galaxy Find Network — even when offline. 

As we get into the cyclical swing of Prime Day, you'll find the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag on sale for $18 on Amazon, which is a whopping 40 percent off the original MSRP of $30. It's a small price to pay for perpetual peace of mind, especially for Samsung smartphone slingers. 

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag: was $30 now $18 @ Amazon

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag: was $30 now $18 @ Amazon
The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag was already useful and affordable upon its release, but right now you can pick it up for less than $20. It comes it two different colors, and setup is a (literal) snap. Whether you need it to keep track of your keys, purse, or wandering puppy, the 130-yard range is bound to come in handy, and make your smart home that much smarter. 

If you already own a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, the Galaxy SmartTag makes an excellent smart home companion to help keep an extra (digital) eye on your stuff. Thanks to Samsung's Galaxy Find network, it's easy to retrace your steps — up to 130 yards worth — and recover tagged items, even when offline. SmartTags can also be used in tandem with smart home devices, such as connected lights and smart locks.

Samsung’s SmartTags are self-contained location devices based on a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) radio chip. Inside, there’s a microcontroller, a switch, a speaker, and a small watch battery that should last about one year. They send out a unique coded Bluetooth signal that identifies the device, encrypting the code and changing it every 15 minutes for safety and privacy. Once the tag’s signal has been acquired by the phone, it shows up on its screen and allows the user to trigger the tag to play one of those aggravating tunes from the Find section. Happily, it works the other way around to use the tag to find a misplaced phone.

Note: the SmartTag is only compatible with Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Check out our full Samsung Galaxy SmartTag review and Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Plus review to see what the whole "plus" thing is about. 

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