These hotly anticipated AR glasses are finally launching — play on a 120-inch screen TV anywhere

(Image credit: VITURE)

If you're a couch gamer with an affinity for handhelds like the Steam Deck, Nintendo Switch, and the new Asus ROG Ally, you've likely been tempted to lie down to play your favorite triple-A titles.

However, it's difficult to find a comfortable position.

Valve Steam Deck

(Image credit: Valve)

As you lie down, you must raise your handheld to meet your eye level, which puts a lot of pressure on your arms. After a couple of hours, the Steam Deck feels heavy enough, so why add undo pressure on yourself?

This is where the VITURE One XR Glasses swoops in to save the day. These stylish spectacles splashes your handheld's display right before your eyes, allowing you to lay down at any angle and still see your game. Whether you're lying on your back, sideways, or hanging upside-down, you can game with the VITURE One XR glasses. Another great use case for the VITURE ONE XR glasses is gaming on planes — no more craning your neck!

Viture ONE XR glasses

VITURE One XR glasses (Image credit: VITURE)

I've had some experience with these sleek spectacles (check out our hands-on review of the VITURE One XR glasses), and while playing Elden Ring on the Steam Deck, Hogwarts Legacy on a gaming laptop, and Mario Kart on Nintendo Switch, I could enjoy the games without needing to remain at a certain fixed position.

It projects a 120-inch, 1080p virtual display right before my eyes within three meters of me. They're lightweight, too. I don't even notice they're on my face.

How much are the VITURE One XR glasses?

The VITURE One XR glasses launched today with a promo starting launch price of $439. (It typically retails for $549).

VITURE ONE Xr glasses

VITURE ONE Xr glasses (Image credit: VITURE)

As mentioned, it is compatible with handhelds like the Steam Deck and the Switch, but you can also hook it up to your phone for mobile gaming. If you want, you can use the VITURE One XR glasses as a privacy shield, allowing you to watch your favorite shows from streaming apps without busybodies looking over your shoulder.

Keep in mind, however, that if you want to pair the VITURE ONE XR glasses with the Switch, you'll need to purchase the Dock Pack.

If you want to dive into on-the-go cloud gaming with the VITURE One XR glasses, it's possible, but you'll need to purchase the Neckband ($109). This is an Android-powered OS that comes preinstalled with all your favorite streaming services (e.g., PS5 Remote Play and Xbox Cloud Gaming). In other words, as long as you're connected to WiFi, you can access your PS5 games, allowing you to hop back into Elden Ring while you're out and about!  

Finally getting off the ground from being a crowdfunding darling, the VITURE XR glasses was named one of TIME'S Best Innovations of 2022. It was also a CES 2023 Innovation Awards Honoree. And now, you can finally have these award-winning XR glasses in the palm of your hands.

The VITURE XR glasses are available starting today at

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