These hearing-enhancing earbuds at CES 2023 are perfect for me — I can finally stop saying 'HUH?!'

Jabra Enhance Plus
Jabra Enhance Plus (Image credit: Jabra)

I'm not too hard of hearing that I need to purchase a full-blown traditional hearing aid, but sometimes, I find myself asking people to repeat themselves far too often — and it's super embarrassing. That's why Jabra's Enhance Plus earbuds caught my eye at CES 2023.

These hearing-enhancement earbuds are designed to improve speech clarity. When you're conversing with someone, the Enhance Plus earbuds utilizes a proprietary microprocessor to reduce background noise and augment speakers' vocalizations.

Jabra Enhance Plus earbuds

Whether you have a slight hearing impediment or often find yourself speaking to mumblers, Jabra Enhance Plus earbuds are swooping in to save the day. The aforementioned chip inside the earbuds works in combination with directional beamforming microphones that reportedly deliver top-of-the-line hearing enhancement.

Jabra Enhance Plus at CES 2023

Jabra Enhance Plus at CES 2023 (Image credit: Future)

Advanced noise-reduction algorithms also join the party to tone down any irrelevant sounds that hinder your hearing experience. Plus, Jabra boasts that its Enhance Plus earbuds have an ultra-compact, super comfortable design. As such, most passers-by would be none the wiser that you've got medical-grade, hearing-enhancement earbuds in your ears.

You can also listen to music with the Enhance Plus. In fact, Jabra calls them "3-in-1 earbuds" because it enhances hearing, lets you listen to music and takes calls. On a single charge, the Jabra Enhance Plus earbuds last for up to 12 hours. With a charging case, you can get up to 35 hours of battery life.

With Jabra Enhance Plus, there are several modes you can choose from, depending on your needs at the moment:

  • Adaptive mode — automatically adjusts to your surroundings and the conversations around you
  • Focus mode — uses directional beamforming microphones to focus on sounds close to you (e.g., one-on-one conversations)
  • Surround mode — allows you to hear more of any surrounding ambient sound

Keep in mind that GN Group, the parent company of Jabra, is one of the world's largest hearing-aid manufacturers, so launching a product that mixes both hearing enhancement and audio tech features seemingly comes natural to Jabra.

Jabra Enhance Plus at CES 2023

Jabra Enhance Plus at CES 2023 (Image credit: Future)

Jabra Enhance Plus is available in two colors: Dark Grey and Gold Beige.

It currently has a price tag of $719, which may make your head spin, but keep in mind that the average cost of hearing aids range between $2,000 and $7,000. And on top of that, the Enhance Plus earbuds weren't the only speech-enhancing tech we spotted at CES 2023. And compared to competitors, it's relatively cheap. For example, Sennheiser's Conversation Clear Plus earbuds are nearly $900!

Hopefully, with time, these "hearing aids in disguise" become less cost prohibitive in the future.

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