Samsung Galaxy S21 may be getting a dramatic price cut — here's what we know

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra back
(Image credit: Future)

Samsung's Galaxy S20 lineup included some of the most impressive smartphones of 2020. However, with the exception of the Galaxy S20 FE that was released in the fall there was one consistent complaint across the line, the phones were way too expensive.

Now Samsung was hardly alone in this, but given that it is the most premium of the Android smartphone brands, it stood out more than the rest with the Galaxy S20 Ultra commanding a startlingly $1,399 at launch. Well according to a new rumor from a South Korean blog Samsung prices may be taking a more consumer-friendly turn with the Galaxy S21 next year (via Android Authority). 

According to the tipster, the prices could drop by as much as $150, but should at least see a $100 price cut from the Galaxy S20 models. This would bring the Galaxy S21 down to $849 to $899, the Galaxy S21 Plus down to $1,049 to $1,099 and the Galaxy S21 Ultra down to $1,249 to $1,299.

So not exactly budget territory, but far more palatable than the pricing that we saw this year for the Galaxy S20. Now it's worth noting that Samsung devices are almost perenially on sale, so in truth, you were pretty quickly able to get all of the Galaxy S20 variants at these prices. 

Now the leaker did use some hedge language on this pricing say that it was "under discussion" and "not definitive." However, given the response to the pricing this year it certainly wouldn't be shocking. 

Now it's possible this is simply Samsung correcting for the market and there isn't really a component cost savings or anything going on. However, it's also possible that the newly announced Snapdragon 888 is more affordably priced than the historically expensive Snapdragon 865 or that Samsung will indeed move to its own Exynos processors globally and this is the source of its savings.

The good news is that whatever the potential reason may be for the rumored price cut, we won't have to wait too long as multiple sources have indicated the Galaxy S21 will be announced in January rather than the traditional late February release. 

Sean Riley

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