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Rocket League is going free to play on September 23: What you get if you own it

Rocket League is going free to play on Sept 23: What you get if you own it
(Image credit: Psyonix)

Psyonix just announced that Rocket League is going free-to-play on all platforms (except Steam, sorry) on September 23. But do you get anything for already owning the game? Yes!

Before you scream about not getting it free on Steam, this update coincides with Rocket League's launch on the Epic Games Store. It'll launch on that platform for free, so therefore, all major video game platforms will get access to Rocket League for free.

What Rocket League owners get

Don't fret, if you already own Rocket League, you're going to get some of the game's older content for free, including all of the Rocket League-specific DLC and 200+ items used to customize your vehicles. So that means free antennas, decals and wheels.

Additionally, this update marks the start of cross-platform progression linking, so players can link different game accounts to their Epic Games account in order to carry over progress to other platforms.

Rocket League won't be free on Steam and will actually be unlisted from the store altogether. However, both the Epic Games Store and Steam will still receive “full support for future updates and features,” so if you own the game on Steam, you should be fine.

Psyonix also stated earlier this month that Rocket League no longer requires online subscriptions for PS4 and Nintendo Switch users. However, you'll still need one if you're on Xbox.