Razer announces Anzu Smart Glasses — Open-ear audio and eye protection for $199

Razer Anzu on desk with case
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Razer's Anzu Smart Glasses aren't the first attempt to deliver open-ear audio via a pair of glasses. However, Razer has definitely put its own spin on the concept by integrating blue light filtering lenses to help with eye health during long gaming or work sessions.

And they aren't solely designed with indoor use in mind, Razer also includes UVA/UVB polarized lenses to protect your eyes outdoors as well. The open-ear design makes them an excellent match for indoor or outdoor activities that still require some awareness of the environment around you.

The speakers built into the frame feature 16mm drivers and connect via Bluetooth 5.1 for low-latency (60ms) performance. Touch controls allow you to easily skip tracks, play or pause media, accept or hang up on calls, trigger your phone's voice assistant and switch to low-latency gaming mode.

Calls and voice commands are handled by the onboard omni-directional mic. 

Razer Anzu Smart Glasses price and release date 

The Razer Anzu Smart Glasses are available starting today on Razer.com, starting at $199. The package includes the Anzu Smart Glasses with both the blue light and UVA/UVB polarized lenses, a USB Type-A charging cable, a cleaning cloth and a soft carrying case. 

Replacement polarized lenses are available for purchase separately for $29.99. 

For those that need prescription lenses, Razer has partnered with Lensable and customers will be eligible for 15% off lens purchases for the Razer Anzu.

Razer Anzu Smart Glasses with blue light lenses at desk

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Razer Anzu Smart Glasses design

The glasses are available in either a rectangular or round frame with both a small and large size option for each. There is no difference in price or functionality for the various styles and sizes.

The glasses are remarkably lightweight starting at just 1.5 ounces for the smallest and topping out at 1.7 ounces for the largest. Standard sunglasses range from about 0.9 ounces up to 1.75 ounces, so this shouldn't feel appreciably different. 

The Razer Anzu features IPX 4 water resistance, which means it will hold up to sweat and rain without a problem, but you aren't going to want to submerge them in water.  

Razer Anzu Smart Glasses worn while doing yoga

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Razer Anzu Smart Glasses battery life

Razer claims that the Anzu Smart Glasses will last for five hours on a charge and that when folded up or otherwise not in use will deliver a standby battery life of approximately two weeks. 

Razer hasn't offered a recharge time, but given the size of the battery it should top up pretty quickly for your next listening session.

Razer Anzu Smart Glasses with polarized lenses

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Razer Anzu Smart Glasses app

The Razer Anzu Smart Glasses will pair over Bluetooth 5.1 to any smartphone or device, but to unlock its full potential there will be a companion Android and iOS app.

The app will allow you to tweak the EQ settings, adjust latency, check the battery life and eventually deliver firmware updates.

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