Rainbow Six Siege gameplay with Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher: How to watch

Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher gameplay in Rainbow Six Siege: How to watch
(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Ubisoft teased Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher arrival in Rainbow Six Siege as a playable character, and it's finally unveiling gameplay this Sunday on August 16. 

While fans are still waiting for a real Splinter Cell game to show up, it looks like we'll have to put up with more and more cameo appearances until then. But to be honest, Sam Fisher's arrival might pull me back into Siege. Here's when and where you can watch the full gameplay reveal.

How to watch Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher Siege gameplay

Ubisoft Montreal will be streaming a full reveal on Sunday, Aug 16 at 2pm ET live on Twitch. Unfortunately, as you might be able to hear in the teaser trailer, Michael Ironside is not returning to voice the iconic Third (Fourth?) Echelon spy.

That alone might turn some people off of the character, which is understandable as the character doesn't have the same sweet gravely voice as Ironside. Although Ironside didn't return for Splinter Cell: Blacklist, he did return for recent cameos in the Ghost Recon series, so it's a little weird that he's not in Siege.

It's entirely possible that Ironside is too busy shooting a new Splinter Cell game...maybe (wink). I'm hopeful and maybe a little desperate.

Anyway, stay tuned on Sunday, Aug 16 at 2pm ET to watch the full gameplay reveal of Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher in Rainbow Six Siege.

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