PS5 release date identified in PS5 DualSense leak

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We may finally get a meaningful PS5 reveal next month, but until then, the rumor mill continues to provide more information than Sony is willing to dole out on its next-gen console. Today's nugget of information is a big one. 

Twitter user IronManPS5, who has previously provided some reliable PS5 rumors, has identified November 20 as the date the PS5 DualSense will go on sale, and it will cost $59.99.

While I have no doubt some people would happily pick up a PS5 DualSense controller without owning a PS5, we assume this must be the day the PS5 will also be available for purchase.

PS5 Release Date

Sony has been steadfast in its assertion that the PS5 and all first-party games remain on schedule, but the company hasn't expanded on the same "holiday 2020" timeframe we got for the Xbox Series X

November 20 would have been high on our list for launch date estimates already because it's the Friday before Thanksgiving in the U.S. and, for holiday shopping purposes, it is the Friday before Black Friday. Back in 2013, the PS4 launched on Friday, November 15 with the Xbox One arriving exactly one week later. 

Mirroring that timing this year would put the PS5 launch on Friday the 13th, not a historically lucky number.

PS5 DualSense Pricing

Turning to the pricing of the PS5 DualSense, it's precisely the same as the PS4 DualShock, which would be a pleasant surprise as we were expecting to see a little markup for the next-gen accessories.

Given what we know about the PS5 DualSense already, it will be impressive if Sony holds the line on the pricing especially since the new design, upgrades to the haptics and the adaptive triggers, lead us to believe we'd see at least a minimal price hike. 

Both Sony and Microsoft seem wary of pricing concerns for the consoles themselves, so we might see the same attitude carry over to the accessories. Sacrificing something on the initial buy-in will be worth it to either company in the long run. 

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