PS5 price news won't arrive this week, but Sony could respond to Xbox Series X soon

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In a recent PlayStation Blog post, Gillien McAllister, the senior specialist of content communications at Sony, wrote that the entirety of this week will be spent on a PS VR spotlight, which will take place from Monday to Friday. Within the blog, he also reveals that the event will share "no PS5-related news." 

This likely means we shouldn't expect any news on the console this week, but that was before Microsoft revealed the Xbox Series S. Along with this announcement came a convincing leak revealing the alleged release date and price of the Xbox Series X.

Will Sony reveal PS5 details this week in response to Xbox?

Sony previously said that it's "competing" in the console space, so it's hard for the company to determine an exact price. This implies that the company is waiting for Microsoft to reveal the pricing of its consoles before proceeding with a price and release date announcement for the PS5. Now that Microsoft's hand is shown, Sony might swoop in with PS5 news.

The PS VR spotlight may be consuming the entirety of this week, but that doesn't necessarily mean a separate announcement revealing details on the company's next-gen console won't happen. McAllister claimed the PS VR spotlight itself would contain no news on the PS5, not that news about the console won't arrive at some point in the week.

If not now, then when? We're close to two months away from the expected release of the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Sony needs time to gauge the demand for its console, especially since the company was facing production issues (although they're successfully ramping up production). The sooner Sony reveals these details, the better off it'll be.

Furthermore, a leak from two weeks ago suggested that PS5 pre-orders would be up by September 9.

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