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PS5 price and release date leak — but don't get too excited

(Image credit: Sony)

The release date and price of the PS5 and Xbox Series X have supposedly leaked, but don't get too excited just yet. 

Twitter user Roberto Serrano says the PS5 will cost $500 when it is released on November 13 while the Xbox Series X will launch on November 6 for the same price.

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As we know, there will be cheaper versions of both consoles, and Serrano has predictions for those as well. The Twitter user says the PS5 Digital Edition will be priced at $399 while the Xbox Series S will undercut it at $299 when it launches on November 5 (he originally said it would cost $399 before correcting his tweet). 

These claims sound reasonable but we have our doubts about the source. Serrano was among a group of "leakers" who claimed PS5 pre-orders would go live on July 13 without any announcement from Sony. That never happened and Sony later clarified that the date of when customers can buy its next-gen console won't be a surprise.

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Serrano is also vague about where he got this info from, stating it's based on the "latest news" but is "more than a rumor or speculation" (whatever that means). That doesn't mean the info he tweeted is wrong — the Xbox Series X will, in fact, be released in November as Microsoft previously confirmed

The console is expected to launch on either November 6 or November 13 based on reliable sources. Also, the price of the console has been narrowed down to be between $400 and $600, with the latest info suggesting it'll be in the higher range. We haven't, however, received any concrete information about the Xbox Series S, although everything points to its imminent reveal. 

As for the PS5, we still haven't heard a release month from Sony (the company is sticking with "Holiday 2020"), although November seems like the only logical answer. The PS5 is also expected to cost somewhere around $499 as it will share many components with the Series X. 

These leaks and rumors are fun to read about but you shouldn't take them as gospel. The good news is that you only have to wait a few more weeks before Microsoft and Sony reveal these crucial final details about their respective consoles. Microsoft could reveal the Xbox Series S as early as this week while Sony is expected to hold another event in the coming weeks to detail PS5 pricing and availability.