PS5 console reveal coming in early June: What to expect (report)

(Image credit: PS5)

While one Sony executive went on record with confidence that the PS5 will hold its own against the Xbox Series X, we still haven't gotten hard evidence to back that claim up.  

According to a recent tweet from tipster and games journalist Jeff Grub, Sony is finally ready to make PS5 fans happy in early June, when it will both reveal the PS5 console and a number of games for the console (via Tom's Guide). 

Originally, Grubb had the date set for June 4, but he has since walked back that claim, saying that the event is moving "days not weeks." He has also stated that some developers have opted to hold separate events, so it won't be quite the bonanza of PS5 games that he originally believed it to be. 

However, he is sticking to the claim that this is when we will get to first see the actual PS5 hardware and that there are still a significant number of PS5 games that will be shown off at the event.

With Microsoft continuing its slow, and thus far effective release of information regarding the Xbox Series X with its monthly Xbox 20/20 events, it would make sense for Sony to go for one big announcement to completely overshadow its competitor for a while. However, it now sounds like that option may have been taken out of Sony's hands. 

With that said, Sony still has the superior arsenal of first-party games. If some of its most important titles get revealed next month, the reveal will likely garner the attention the PS5 has been missing. Coupled with the recent positive remarks from Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney regarding the PS5, and this has been one of the strongest runs of good news for the PS5 to date. We'll just have to see if Sony's event can keep that rolling.

Sean Riley

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