PS VR2 games: Everything that you can play today

PS VR2 review
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Your PS VR2 just arrived, and maybe you purchased the bundle with Horizon Call of the Mountain, but what if you didn't? What games are there to play on the PS VR2, especially if there's no backwards compatibility?

Oh look, here's a very convenient list of all of the games available on the PlayStation Store for PS VR2.

Longer list than you were expecting? Yeah me too. But what is actually worth playing on this list? It's not like these games are free, and you did just drop half a grand on a new piece of hardware.

Well, I got in my PS VR2 headset as well, and the first game I bought was Pistol Whip VR. This game was so much fun. You have to dodge a bullet hell while killing your way through rhythm based levels. My legs haven't been this sore in months.

Looking for something a little slow-paced but just as intense? You can't go wrong with Resident Evil Village. I tried it on the hardest difficulty, and I was fumbling around with my guns like a noob before I got the hang of headshoting werewolves without dying.

Then I played After the Fall, which I received a code for thanks to the PR folks working on that, and I discovered that the PS VR2 has a hot mic. Yes, you are live baby, and in this multiplayer game, some random people got to hear me grunt and groan like an old man while I tried to dodge zombie-alien things. 

Needless to say, I am sore. These are just a few of the funs games that are currently available for PS VR2. I did get the bundle for Horizon Call of the Mountain, and I am excited to try it out later today.

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