No Man's Sky: Next Generation gives Xbox Series X and PS5 players free upgrades, crossplay and more

No Man's Sky: Next Generation give Xbox Series X and PS5 players free upgrades, crossplay and more
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Hello Games just unveiled its plan for No Man's Sky's transition to the Xbox Series X and PS5 with a free update: Next Generation. The update gives you a free upgrade to next-gen, crossplay and more.

Don't worry, even though this is focused on next-gen consoles, PC players will see upgrades in this update as well. Here's everything that's included that was discussed in Hello Games' blog.

No Man's Sky: Next Generation update detailed

Firstly, there's the promise of fuller worlds, which means the terrain will now be populated with thicker grasses, flowers, fungi and rocks, rendered with higher resolution textures and more detailed geometry. There's also improved lighting, shadows, animation fidelity, volumetric effects, texture quality and greater draw distances. You'll see these improvements on PS5, Xbox Series X and PC, if you're running on Ultra settings. 

You'll now be able to construct larger and more complex buildings. You can seamlessly transition your save files from Xbox One to Xbox Series X and from PS4 to PS5 via a new menu option. There's now 32-player multiplayer, so you can meet and hang out with an entire party of friends. To top that off, the update adds crossplay, so players on Xbox Series X|S, PS5 and other platforms can play together.

On Xbox Series X and PS5, players will be able to experience No Man's Sky at 4K at 60 frames per second, which is pretty tough for some PCs to even achieve. For Xbox Series S, players will be able to choose between high-res 30-fps or high-performance 60-fps.

PlayStation users can experience the PS5's trigger feedback in-game. "Subtle haptic feedback allows you to feel the kick of your Multi-Tool as you blast Sentinels or mine resources, or the satisfying click of slotting a building part into place." Additionally, No Man's Sky will be compatible with PS5 3D Audio and the PSVR, so you can continue or start a new adventure in virtual reality.

When you're on next-gen consoles, warp-speeds will be up to ten times faster as well, so you won't have to wait entire minutes to load up your game. There are also a ton of bug fixes and quality of life improvements that you can read more about in the blog.

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