No Man's Sky but with pets: Check out the Companions trailer

No Man's Sky but now with pets: Check out the Companions trailer
(Image credit: Hello Games)

With No Man's Sky's Companions update, players can now adopt an alien creature and explore the universe with it as their new best friend.

The update also lets said companion find hidden resources for you and protect you. And, if for some reason, you want to go all Frankenstein, you can genetically modify their eggs to breed unique creatures.

No Man's Sky Companions trailer

Once a creature is tamed and adopted, you can summon them anywhere, even aboard the Space Anomaly. Baby creatures will apparently inherit traits from their parent but will need your help to mature. And you can earn your companion's trust by either playing with them, feeding them, or giving them any sort of attention.

Along with the aforementioned benefits of having a pet, you can also hook up mining lasers to their shoulders for whatever godforsaken reason so they can mine resources alongside you. Apparently, the companions also have their own personalities and will be able to communicate with you via your Exosuit's rudimentary translator.

Your companion will also react to your gestures, and if you want to spice them up a bit, you can accessorize them with colorful and customization decals. While you can't catch them all, you can catch some of them, as the update allows you to have up to six creatures as companions. And as mentioned earlier, your companion will lay eggs, so you have a whole family in your pocket.

In addition to all of the companion stuff, Hello Games has implemented some UI improvements, wild creature improvements, genetic trading and gene re-sequencing.

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