Logitech just sneakily increased the price of some peripherals — here’s what you’ll be paying more for

Logitech price increase
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Without saying a word, Logitech just increased the price of some of its peripherals over the past few days — making it more difficult for you to buy in the midst of a cost of living crisis.

What else can I say about this, except for it being a poorly-timed price bump at a time when everyone is feeling financial pressure. I can only guess this is because of economic uncertainty, but we have reached out to Logitech for comment.

Here is a (developing) list of Logitech products that are now up to £150 more expensive than before, and some recommendations on how to get them at better prices.

Hidden in plain sight

What is most interesting about the price increases is that they are on some items but not others, which when paired with the relative silence gives this an air of “sweeping it under the carpet.”

While we wait for Logitech to confirm which products are more expensive, I’ve looked across the brand’s site and here’s what I’ve found. Bear in mind that this is what I’ve found after my time looking around the UK site. If you’ve spotted any increases, let me know on Twitter.

It is absolutely worth noting that while some of these are brand new products (meaning they will stay full price for at least a couple months), others have been around for a while and are already being discounted to far more worthwhile prices.

For example, the Logitech G923 wheel is £288 on Amazon and the G435 headset is £49. At these costs, I’d happily recommend the pair (use them myself while playing F1 22 or Gran Turismo 7). That means I’ve got one piece of crucial advice for you: look everywhere other than Logitech’s own website for Logitech gear!

Not the first (and won’t be the last)

Of course, this isn’t something special at the moment. In the face of a very uncertain economy, you’re seeing companies react by putting their prices up across the UK and EU, such as Apple’s iPhone 14 lineup and Sony’s PS5.

We do know why the Pro Racing Wheel and Pedals are more expensive, as a representative from Logitech explained the original cheaper price was a "mistake made while uploading them to the site."

Logitech hasn't responded about the other peripherals, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the economy is the reason touted by the company for this decision, though I would be interested in finding out why this has applied to some products and not others.

Make no mistake though, full price gadget shopping is becoming increasingly difficult. Our advice: wait for Amazon Prime Early Access and Black Friday 2022.

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