I love that the leaked Nothing CMF smartwatch looks like a kid's toy — let me explain

Nothing smart watch
(Image credit: Nothing/TechLeaksZone/Accutime)

Have you ever been witness to the sleekness of an Apple Watch or Galaxy Watch and thought it looked too professional? Would you rather have something that brings you back to those childhood watches that used bold bright colors with goofy cartoon characters on them? 

Well, according to a new Nothing leak from Tech & Leaks Zone on Telegram, you might not get the cartoon character, but its rumored watch design wonderfully sends me back to the days of browsing Brooklyn's Toys R Us. But rather than cheaply made toys to mess around with for a day before getting bored, why not an actually useful smartwatch made with high quality material, yet still boasting such a nostalgic design?

Nothing's CMF Smartwatch shows that tech can be fun

Comparing Nothing's leaked CMF smartwatch to a children's toy is not a criticism. The industry of technology takes itself far too serious and focuses on simple, slick designs that utilize grayscale color patterns. Nothing has already been getting weird with its intricate, see-through smartphones with LED lighting, so it's cool to see the company go a different direction with its smartwatches.

Nothing CMF Smartwatch

(Image credit: Nothing/Tech & Leaks Zone)

Beyond just design, Tech & Leaks Zone has further details regarding specifications. With a 1.96-inch AMOLED display, a peak brightness of 600 nits, a watch case made of aluminum alloy, an always-on display and a 50Hz refresh rate. It features monitors for heart rate, blood oxygen, sleep tracking, stress, breathing and more.

It's also IP68 dust and water resistant. The first number means it's highly protective against dust—or dust tight—while the second number means it can survive in water for a long period of continuous immersion. It also has built-in GPS and a 330mAh battery. The leak suggests that the watch is launching as soon as next month on September 26 at $55.

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