I Expect You to Die, the best game on Quest 2 and Quest Pro, is releasing a free mixed-reality mission

I Expect You to Die Home Sweet Home
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I Expect You to Die and I Expect You to Die 2 are two of the best games one can play on the Quest 2 platform. If you aren't ready to commit to purchasing any of these games, but you want a taste of their greatness, check out the new, free mini mission that's set to be released in late October.

IEYTD is a spy-themed game that makes you feel like you're James Bond with all of its action-packed missions, but at the same time, it has a lot of humor and satire, so at times, you'll step into Austin Powers' shoes. The name of the upcoming game? I Expect You to Die: Home Sweet Home.

What is the release date for I Expect You to Die: Home Sweet Home?

The release date for I Expect You to Die: Home Sweet Home is Oct. 25. 

Where can I play I Expect You to Die: Home Sweet Home?

I Expect You to Die: Home Sweet Home will be available on the Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro VR headsets — for free!

What is I Expect You to Die: Home Sweet Home about?

I Expect You to Die: Home Sweet Home is a free, mixed-reality game that lets you go undercover as a spy. You'll play as a secret agent who's just been smuggled out of a top-secret medical facility. Equipped with a brand spankin' new ocular implant, you must solve puzzles, dodge life-threatening traps and use the latest spy tech at your disposal to take down Dr. Zor's evil plans.

"The experience utilizes the Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro's passthrough technology, which allows developers to create mixed-reality experiences that bring real and virtual worlds together," a Schell Games press release said.

In the game, you can transform your home into an escape room and use special x-ray tech to under hidden objects surreptitiously placed behind your walls. Thanks to the Quest Pro's enhanced AR/VR features, we suspect that Home Sweet Home will be even "sweeter" on Meta's newly announced headset.

Schell Games, the developer behind the I Expect You to Die series, is also releasing the highly anticipated Among Us VR game later this year. We can't wait to play both Home Sweet Home and Among Us in VR!

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