Among Us VR launches this November on Meta Quest and Steam

Among Us VR
(Image credit: Schell Games)

Among Us VR received a release date during Meta Connect 2022, where we also got a first look at the Quest Pro and other VR titles. Expect to see the game on Steam, Meta Quest and Rift on November 10. It'll cost $9.99 and can be pre-ordered now on the Meta Quest store. That makes the beloved detective-indie game less than a month out from its launch on virtual reality.

If you've ever played Among Us, the features you'd expect will return, and the game has kept its structure overall. A certain number of players are designated impostor while the others perform tasks to repair the ship as fast as possible. Impostors murder fellow crewmates without appearing suspicious, while the crewmates keep a keen eye out and watch other players. If they see something suspicious, they cast votes on who they'll eject from the ship after every round.

Among Us VR can be played online with up to ten others, and although it boasts the same name as its predecessor, Among Us VR is by no means the same game. It's remade exclusively for the platform, featuring an entirely different aesthetic and perspective.

It also features proximity chat, some VR-exclusive tasks, and tons of new visual elements. And regardless of whether you're playing on Meta Quest, Rift, or Steam, cross-play is fully available between all three platforms. Be sure to keep a look out for Among Us VR's launch on November 10.

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