Huge changes heading to the Apple Watch — watchOS 10 bringing a whole new UI (report)

Apple Watch Ultra
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Frustrated by the Apple Watch UI? Get ready for big changes, as a recent report suggests watchOS 10 could be dramatically upgrading the UI.

It’s easy to get swept up in the fervor of Apple hardware rumors surrounding its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) — such as the long-rumored XR headset, the unveiling of an M3 MacBook Air, or an all-new M2 Ultra MacBook Pro

However, we're just starting to hear about potential changes to software, and it looks like big things are coming for the Apple Watch Ultra and Series 8

Time for an upgrade

Apple Watch Ultra

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Recently filed patents may have given us a glimpse at the potential future of Apple’s wearable, with key standouts being strap-based health sensors and a built-in camera. However, according to industry insider Mark Gurman in his “Power On” newsletter for Bloomberg, those expecting major hardware changes shouldn’t hold their breath.

While disappointing for some to hear, it is a notion in keeping with Apple’s usual three-year cycle of Apple Watch hardware — and makes further sense with the Apple Watch Ultra having been out for less than a year.

Instead, Gurman believes that the most notable changes to expect from WWDC regarding the Apple Watch will be in the form of the wearable's updated operating system. The new watchOS 10 is expected to be unveiled in June alongside other Apple operating system updates such as iOS 17, iPadOS 17, and macOS 14.

Each of these updates will no doubt include a number of great new features, however, watchOS 10 is most notable among them for being the only one set to receive a “fairly extensive upgrade” with a primary focus on changes to the user interface.

While the Apple Watch has by no means been abandoned, many of its previous updates have been small and subtle, leaving many feeling that watchOS has somewhat stagnated over time.

Hopefully, Apple’s milestone watchOS release can revitalize the end-user experience and make amends for the drip feeding of a handful of new watch faces and some minor menu navigation tweaks. Ideally, while also improving on the software update process that irks so many Apple Watch owners.


Apple Watch Series 8

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While there are no clear details on what watchOS 10’s “notable changes” could be, the fact Apple has made the effort to sizably upgrade and improve the device’s user interface is a step in the right direction for many.

Whether or not the switch to watchOS 10 will be as extensive as claimed remains to be seen, but it should give wearable owners something else to look out for as the WWDC kicks off on June 5.

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