WWDC 2023 dates official — here’s when we could see Apple’s mixed reality headset

Apple WWDC 2023
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Apple's WWDC conference is officially June 5 through June 9, so mark your calendar as there could be a lot coming. Apple's developers' conference may serve as the launch event for its mixed-reality headset alongside the latest news for everything iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS.

Developers are the focus of this show, with the company making it clear that the event will give those same developers "unique access to Apple engineers." The event is also intended to introduce new technologies that will assist creators in enhancing their applications.

Everything we know about WWDC 2023 so far

WWDC 2023 opens with a special day on June 5 where a limited number of developers and students will be invited out to Apple Park for the keynote and State of the Union presentations. If you'd like to attend, be sure to apply on the Apple Developer website. 

We don't have much else to go on thus far, but it's possible that Apple could show us a first look at its mixed-reality headset according to a report from Bloomberg. While this event is not hardware-focused, it's not unheard of for the company to make a surprise reveal every once in a while, as WWDC 2022 gave us a look at the MacBook Air M2.

Apple's World Wide Developer Relations Vice President, Susan Prescott, suggests that WWDC 2023 will be the "biggest" and "most exciting" thus far, with an online program that includes sessions, labs, and opportunities for engagement with developers from Apple and otherwise.

In the same announcement post, Apple discussed its Swift Student Challenge, a program that the company funds to platform its favorite student applications. You'll have up to April 19 to apply, with winners receiving WWDC 2023 outerwear, an AirPods Pro, customized pins, and a year of Apple Developer Program membership. Some winners will also be invited to attend WWDC 2023's in-person event at Apple Park.  

Laptop Mag will be covering WWDC 2023 as it happens, so if you can't make it for whatever reason, keep up to date with all our coverage when it goes live.

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