These frames turned my favorite retro gadgets into wall art — now, you can save big in Grid Studio’s Black Friday sale

Grid Studio
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Right now, Grid Studio is holding a massive Black Friday sale across all of its drop dead gorgeous frames of disassembled retro gadgets! This includes $110 off the PSP 1000, $70 off the iPhone 4S and a 15% code (BF15) you can use across the entire site.

As an adult nerd, decorating your home can be difficult. It’s hard to find something that actually looks cool on a wall and celebrates what you love. Most of the time, you’re stuck with ugly posters or garish wall art that makes your house feel like a teenager’s bedroom. No offense to teenagers of course, but age comes for us all!

That’s where Grid Studio’s incredible frames come in. Chances are you’ve seen them in the background of your favorite tech YouTuber’s shots, and now you can get one of your own for super cheap.

Grid Studio PSP 1000: $229

Grid Studio PSP 1000: $229 $119 @ Grid Studio
I loved my PSP as a kid — spent hours on Metal Gear Acid, Persona 3 Portable and Patapon to name a few games from my past. I even had Spider-Man 2 on UMD, which was a weird watching experience, let’s be honest. But now, you can get over $110 off a frame immortalizing its awesomeness.

Grid Studio iPhone 4S: $169

Grid Studio iPhone 4S: $169 $99 @ Grid Studio
The iPhone 4S was the hugely successful sequel to the gorgeous (if controversial for antennagate) iPhone 4, and it was a massive year for Apple’s ongoing domination of the smartphone world. Now, you can get $70 off an awesome Grid Studio frame celebrating it.

So far, I’ve used them to turn my man cave (otherwise known as the corner of the spare bedroom) into a geek’s paradise. I often catch myself just staring at the intricacies of the circuitry and the various elements that make up these old devices — totally forgetting that I’m actually supposed to be working (don’t tell my boss).

(Image credit: Future)

The other frames I’ve got are the iPod classic, Game Boy Pocket and the original iPhone. All of these are discounted by 15% too using the code BF15. Each one comes beautifully wrapped, so you can skip gift wrapping if you’re buying a nerd’s Christmas present, and you get all the wall-fixing nails you need. Saying that, the lightweight construction means you can get away with using adhesive wall strips, which is a huge plus for renters like me who aren’t allowed to drill.

Seriously, they’re every grown up geek’s dream. I love them, and you will love them too.

(Image credit: Future)
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