Forget Prime Day! Garmin Instinct Solar Smartwatch is $150 off at Best Buy

Garmin Instinct Solar
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The Garmin Instinct Solar is a popular smartwatch seeing a huge discount, making Prime Day 2023 look like a sorry excuse for wearable deals season. With solar charging capabilities, wellness monitoring, and smart features, the Garmin Instinct Solar smartwatch is currently $150 off.

You can get your hands on the Garmin Instinct Solar for $199 at Best Buy, meaning it's seeing a steep 43% discount. Considering the Apple Watch Series 8 starts at $399, and even the "affordable" Apple Watch SE starts at $249, this is a massive steal for those needing a smartwatch without spending all that extra cash. This makes it one of the best Prime Day deals you can get.

Garmin Instinct Solar: $350 $200 @ Best Buy

Garmin Instinct Solar: $350 $200 @ Best Buy
The Garmin Instinct Solar is now $150 off, providing a powerful smartwatch experience featuring solar charging capabilities, wellness and energy monitoring, smart features, custom power managing settings, water resistance, GPS capabilities, and meets the U.S. Military Standard 810 for resistances in shock, water and thermal.

The Garmin Instinct Solar is an excellent choice for health-conscious individuals who need to keep track of their heart rate, stress levels and receive sleep estimates. Alongside this, users can analyze their pulse and monitor their health for exceedingly long periods due to its built-in solar charging, with one Best Buy user review claiming that the "battery life lasts for weeks."

This is obviously a rugged watch, which means it's meant for outdoorsy individuals who want a one-stop-all smartwatch that will give them information on key details about their body and activities like running, biking, swimming and more. Smart notifications are also available, but they're not built-in and need to first be connected to a smartphone.

It also features an in-depth power manager that displays analysis on what is consuming the most battery life, allowing the user to make detailed shifts to increase longevity. 

Alongside the built-in barometric altimeter, 3-axis compass, and navigation systems through GPS, GLONASS and Galileo, it serves tons of unique purposes. It also features a 100-meter water rating and fulfills the U.S. military standard 810 in thermal, shock and water protection.

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