Fitbit Sense 2 drops to lowest price we've seen in Black Friday deal

FitBit Sense 2
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Black Friday deals are rolling in, and among these avalanche of discounts is the incredible FitBit Sense 2! On Amazon, this popular smartwatch dropped down to its lowest price that we've ever seen.

Originally $300, the FitBit Sense 2 is now $199 on Amazon. This cool wearable comes with a cEDA sensor, which lets you keep track of your heart rhythm and stress levels. Compared to its predecessor, the FitBit Sense 2 is sleeker and more lightweight.

Fitbit Sense 2:was $299, now $199 at Amazon

Fitbit Sense 2: was $299, now $199 at Amazon

The FitBit Sense 2 is 33% off its original price. The FitBit Sense 2 is a popular smartwatch that features tools that help you manage stress and sleep. It can also monitor your heart rate. Other perks include mindfulness content, atrial fibrillation assessment, menstrual health tracking, workout intensity maps, and more.

If you're looking for a gadget that can monitor your stress levels because you've got a lot going on in your life, the FitBit Sense 2 is the smartwatch for you. The wearable in this $199 Amazon deal features all-day stress detection, thanks to its cEDA sensor, which tracks your electrodermal responses. You'll also get a daily stress management score with the FitBit Sense 2.

Other perks that you can get with the FitBit Sense 2 include atrial fibrillation assessments, irregular heart rhythm notifications, menstrual health tracking, mindfulness content and more.

If you need help tracking and monitoring your sleep, you're in luck because the FitBit Sense 2 measures your sleep quality and rolls out a personalized sleep profile to determine how you can improve your sleep.

The FitBit Sense 2 also includes a built-in GPS and workout intensity maps. If you're trying to get into fitness, or you're a workout lover, the FitBit Sense 2 is the perfect companion because it provides automatic exercise tracking and monitors your heart rate 24/7. 

Purchasing a FitBit Sense 2 comes with a FREE six-month premium membership for deeper insights and guidance to your health, including mindfulness sessions, exclusive workouts, and more.

Black Friday 2022 is on Nov. 25 and we’re tracking the best end-of-year discounts on must-have tech. Be sure to bookmark our Black Friday deals roundup for the best holiday discounts. 

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