Excited for MacBook OLED? We've got some bad news for you

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MacBook OLED laptops have been hotly desired for years with OEMs like Lenovo and Acer offering gorgeous OLED panels in laptops like the Yoga 9i and Swift Go 14. We've previously made reference to how Apple is losing momentum, with the lack of MacBook OLED displays listed as one of many reasons.

But rumors had suggested MacBook products would finally receive OLED panels. Early predictions stated that Apple planned to release these updated MacBooks in 2024 before The Elec bumped this conjecture back to 2026. Unfortunately, as it stands now, it seems like our already far-off dream is not coming true anytime soon. LG revealed in its Q2 earnings report that "nothing has been confirmed yet." (via BGR)

MacBook might not get OLED panels

LG's Q2 earning announcement stated that the company is investigating "whether market demand is developing to a level that can contribute to the company's profits" before it invests into OLED panels for MacBook. This seems to imply that LG is taking its time to make sure this venture is worth its time and money, meaning there's reason to believe it still might not be.

That premise might be difficult to swallow though, considering MacBook is a highly successful series of laptops. But recent reports suggest that the MacBook Air 15 aren't flying off the shelves. It's possible that LG fears the OLED model won't perform well and is putting production on hold until the company has more confidence.

15-inch MacBook Air

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I've fallen in love with OLED screens and it's absolutely wonderful whenever I use one. I've been hoping Apple would catch up and implement one into MacBook, but it's clear that the company is facing troubles bringing this dream to fruition. iPad is rumored to receive OLED displays some time in 2024, but it seems we'll have to wait quite a while before MacBook gets the same treatment.

It's also possible that MacBook will never see OLED implementation. A recent rumor suggested that microLED, which is still in early stages, promises to deliver the most impressive display technology yet — and it will be added to future iPhones. This could also mean microLED will come to MacBook if Apple prioritizes it, but the technology is so far away, don't bother getting your hopes up.

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