Capcom Countdown teases mystery game reveal this February

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Capcom put up a new website with a simple timer counting down to this weekend, and expectations are high for a big game announcement that may be for the upcoming Resident Evil Village DLC, Street Fighter 6, or more.

The Capcom Countdown page doesn't reveal any additional information, only that the timer is counting down to February 20 at 10pm PT/ February 21 at 1am EST/ 6am GMT. However, there's reason to believe we're getting a new title reveal, or at least DLC. 

As pointed out by IGN, the Capcom Pro Tour 2021 Season Final is finishing up on February 20, which indicates we may see a sneak peek at the Street Fighter 6. The previous entry was released in 2016, but it wasn't long ago that we started getting additional DLC characters for Street Fighter V: Champion Edition. 

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Resident Evil Village DLC is also a strong contender, as it will be a year since the release of our game of the year 2021 in May. DLC for Resident Evil 7 came out less than a year after its initial release, which indicates that DLC is on the way. Plus, the timer's white font looks very Resident Evil-esque.

Recently, the Resident Evil Portal stated there's "suspicious activity" happening over at the site, with something going on at 4pm JST/ 2am EST / 7am GMT. We're not sure what this announcement is, but it may mean we'll see a Resident Evil announcement sooner than expected, while the countdown will be for something else.

There are a few more suspects that Capcom could announce, including the hyped Resident Evil 4 Remake, more information on Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, and even Dragon's Dogma 2 — seeing as it was spotted in a Capcom leak.  

You can check out the countdown right here. Seeing as a watched kettle never boils, check out our thoughts on Monster Hunter Rise, Resident Evil Village, along with all the other best PS5 games and best PC games you can play right now. 

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