Apple Watch Ultra drops to its lowest price of 2023 — here's why you should buy one

Apple Watch Ultra deal
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Right now, you can save $70 on the Apple Watch Ultra at Amazon. This is certainly the most surprising price cut of the year so far, and one of the most worthwhile too.

In the biggest turnaround since the Kansas City Chiefs’ second half comeback (got to get those super bowl keywords in one way or another), Apple’s latest and greatest wearable just got its first price cut of the new year. It’s a small one, but impactful and I’ll explain why.

Apple Watch Ultra: $799 $729 @ Amazon

Apple Watch Ultra: $799 $729 @ Amazon
Save $70 on the Apple Watch Ultra. The biggest, most rugged option of the Apple Watch lineup, the Ultra boasts a gorgeous 49mm display, a utilitarian aesthetic with a titanium build, an extra long 36-hour battery life, and dual-band GPS that is noticeably more accurate than any other Apple Watch.

So, why is this a worthwhile purchase with $50 off? I can tell you about my experience to explain that, because I’m currently testing one (review coming soon). As you may tell by my…doughy physique, I’m not necessarily the most active person. I’m not going to go scuba diving, go on multi-day hikes or take part in ultra marathons.

However, this paired with Apple Fitness+ has driven me to be a little more active, and the huge display with massive battery is fantastic for worry-free battery life in an Apple Watch — a first for this product category.

And that customizable action button may be advertised by Apple as a way to quickly access key fitness features, but the benefits go far beyond thanks to the implementation of shortcuts. I’ve got mine set up to “take a break,” which changes my focus mode to personal and silences all of my work notifications.

This may not be a watch for everyone. It’s quite a sizable device that may look a little silly on smaller wrists. But if it suits you, and you’ve got the money for it, this is going to last you a good few years.

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