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Apple Powerbeats 4 leak reveals new design and features

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While still unannounced, the products we expect to see at a late-March Apple event are rapidly leaking. Today, the previously rumored Powerbeats 4 joined in on the fun. 

The leaked images above appear to be official press renders from Apple (via WinFuture).  And alongside these photos comes confirmation of a few details regarding the upcoming wireless fitness earbuds.

True wireless headphones like the Apple AirPods Pro are grabbing most of the attention these days, but wireless headphones with a cable connecting them are still the preferred option among many athletes. 

The Powerbeats 4 takes some design cues from their true wireless predecessors, the Powerbeats Pro. However, if you look closely, you'll notice a slightly more rounded curve and the cable now descends behind the ear, which should provide a more secure fit. The physical controls on the cable were moved to the earbuds themselves like with the true wireless options.

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As we previously speculated the Powerbeats 4 will feature Apple's H1 chip with support for "Hey, Siri" commands to skip or play/pause content without having to tap at your ear.

Battery life should be another strength for the Powerbeats 4, with sources suggesting 15 hours on a charge and 60 minutes of playback after just a 5-minute charge.

Finally, the pricing on the Powerbeats 4 should hold to the same $199 MSRP that we saw for the Powerbeats 3 at launch. 

Again, the speculation is that we are going to see the Powerbeats 4 launch along with a host of other new Apple products (including the iPad Pro 2020) at an Apple event at the end of this month. So hold on a bit longer, because the wait is almost over.