Act quick! AirPods 2nd Gen are now $30 off for a limited time

Apple's 2nd generation AirPods return to $129 deal price
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Apple’s latest AirPods are quietly discounted on a regular basis across different retail websites. Now, it’s happened again at Walmart.

Grab some 2nd generation AirPods with a wired charging case for $129. That’s $30 off the list price! 

Apple AirPods w/ wired charging case: was $159, now $129 @ Walmart

Apple AirPods w/ wired charging case: was $159, now $129 @ Walmart
The de facto standard when it comes to wireless earbuds for any iOS user — AirPods get all the benefits of a first-party piece of Apple hardware in seamless connection and integration. They sound good and have a great battery life boosted by the wired charging case. 

Packed with Apple’s latest H1 chip — the same found in AirPods Pro — the AirPods make pairing a cinch and the connection is super stable with no breaks!

Tuned to maximize Apple’s own unique EQ in their mobile devices, Airpods have a rich, balanced soundstage across music and podcasts, built-in Siri integration, and the microphones are insanely good at picking up your voice and isolating it from the background noise for crystal clear calls.

Simply put, these are some of the best options for iPhone users. But they’re not the only ones — check out our best wireless earbuds rankings.

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