Smarten up! Get a free $50 Best Buy gift card with the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses!

Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses Black Friday deal
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Update 11/25/23: Black Friday has passed us by, but fortunately many Black Friday deals remain, including this offer for the popular Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses that nets you a $50 Best Buy Gift card that you can use to pick up more of the best Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals on your list.

Black Friday deals aren't always about heavy discounts. Sometimes, a great Black Friday deal can grant you a bonus reward like the free $50 Gift card when purchasing Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses at Best Buy!

Check out the deal below to catch the details on Meta's latest smart glasses venture in collaboration with the iconic Ray-Ban brand:

Today's best Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses deal

Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses: $299 @ Best Buy w/ Free $50 Gift Card on purchase

Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses: $299 @ Best Buy w/ Free $50 Gift Card on purchase

Overview: Get a free $50 Best Buy gift card when purchasing any model of Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses. Meta's latest smart glasses collab pairs iconic Ray-Ban designs with cutting edge AI tech and an ultra-wide 12MP camera.

Features: 100% UVA and UVB protection lenses, iconic Ray-Ban frame designs, water resistant, four hour battery life (one hour charge), Meta AI assistant built-in, Bluetooth connectivity, 13MP ultra-wide camera and five mic array.

Release date: 2023

Price check: $299 @ Amazon (Gain $50 Amazon credit with code: RAYBAN50)

Reviews: Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses reviews generally point in the same direction, up. Seen as a marked improvement over the Ray-Ban Stories, these glasses are praised for their improved audio performance, camera quality, and overall design. Though some feel that there's still a while to go before this tech is ready for the mainstream.

Tom's Guide: ★★★★½ | Tech Radar: ★★★½

Buy if: You want to capture life's highlights from a unique first person perspective. Whether you're recording or live streaming, the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses allow you to effortlessly frame the world in a way few other devices can. Or if you'd like the on-hand assistance of Meta AI assistant wherever you go, ready to time, remind, and respond to your every query.

Don't buy if: You aren't much of a shutterbug, and your social media presence isn't your primary concern. If you're looking for an AR experience, these aren't the frames for you. Instead, look toward the XREAL Air AR glasses for $271 at Amazon.

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