How to watch Andor online: Where to stream, release dates, plot and trailer

How to watch Andor online: Where to stream, release dates, plot and trailer
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Andor is the latest Disney+ series set to grant audiences a more personal glimpse into the Star Wars universe. Set five years prior to the events of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Andor focuses on the mounting rebellion against the Galactic Empire and Cassian’s journey to becoming a critical figure in that struggle. Want to dive deeper into the history of one of Star Wars’ most tragic heroes? Read on for our guide on where and how to watch Andor online in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

It’s fair to say that Rogue One wasn’t every Star Wars fan’s cup of tea. However, leaving behind the swashbuckling Jedi and their evil Sith counterparts allowed the film to focus on the spies and soldiers on the dark and grimy frontlines of the titular Star Wars. It was here we were first introduced to Cassian Andor (as played by Diego Luna), a Rebellion operative with more shades of grey to him than the erotic romance section of your local book store.

As part of a rag-tag squad of rebels, Cassian would go on to secure information vital to the destruction of the Death Star in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. However, while Rogue One’s ensemble cast didn’t leave much room for Cassian’s story to fully unfold, Andor places the former child soldier, and future hero, front and center. Catching Cassian at a vital crossroads in his life, the upcoming series shows us someone far less certain and focused than we’ve previously seen of the character. While the show opens with a cynical Cassian doubtful of the idea of an Empire-free galaxy, Andor’s multi-season arc looks to chart his evolution into one of the most vital assets for the emerging Rebel Alliance.

Andor official trailer

How to watch Andor online

The success of shows like The Mandalorian, The Book of Boba Fett, and Obi-Wan Kenobi have paved the way for a swarm of further Star Wars programming. While Andor is the next in line to get its Disney+ release, there still exists a healthy slate of projects on the way including Ahsoka, Lando, Skeleton Crew, and The Acolyte. With every nook and cranny of the Star Wars mythos seemingly open to exploration, it seems there will always be another show just on the horizon. And another one, Andor ‘nother one, Andor ‘nother one..

Andor makes its debut on Disney+ with a trio of episodes on Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2022. With each episode this season running somewhere between 35 and 40 minutes, that’s potentially almost two hours of Andor to sink your teeth into right from the get-go. Cassian’s journey from cynic to super spy will be available worldwide from 12 a.m. PT (3 a.m. ET), 8 a.m. BST, and 5 p.m. AEST every Wednesday.


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What is the plot of Andor?

Andor will explore a new perspective from the Star Wars galaxy, focusing on Cassian Andor’s journey to discover the difference he can make. The series brings forward the tale of the burgeoning rebellion against the Empire and how people and planets became involved. It’s an era filled with danger, deception, and intrigue where Cassian will embark on the path that is destined to turn him into a rebel hero. 

Andor release schedule: When will new episodes be released?

The first three episodes of Andor arrive to Disney+ on Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2022. The trio of episodes will be available across the U.S. and Canada from 12 a.m. PT (3 a.m. ET), in the U.K. from 8 a.m. BST, and in Australia from 5 p.m. AEST. You can catch new episodes at the same time every Wednesday until the show’s twelfth and final episode on Nov. 23, 2022

(Image credit: Lucas film Ltd. and TM)

The following is the release schedule for Andor for those watching in the U.S., U.K., Canada and Australia:

  • Andor S01E01: TBC, Sept. 21, 2022
  • Andor S01E02: TBC, Sept. 21, 2022
  • Andor S01E03: TBC, Sept. 21, 2022
  • Andor S01E04: TBC, Sept. 28, 2022
  • Andor S01E05: TBC, Oct. 5, 2022
  • Andor S01E06: TBC, Oct. 12, 2022
  • Andor S01E07: TBC, Oct. 19, 2022
  • Andor S01E08: TBC, Oct. 26, 2022
  • Andor S01E09: TBC, Nov. 2, 2022
  • Andor S01E10: TBC, Nov. 9, 2022
  • Andor S01E11: TBC, Nov. 16, 2022
  • Andor S01E12: TBC, Nov. 23, 2022
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