How to change your Netflix location to watch different shows and movies

How to change your Netflix location to watch different shows and movies
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Do you find yourself gazing mindlessly at Netflix's catalog of shows and movies and still unable to find something that piques your interest? At least once a week, I sit in front of my television, laptop, or tablet, endlessly surfing for something to watch. However, the key to unlocking even more content from Netflix is that every region has access to different shows and movies and you can open a world of new content without having to trot the globe yourself.

The thing is, Netflix knows where you are via your ISP (Internet Service Provider) address; thus, you're stuck watching what's available in your location. However, with the use of a VPN (virtual private network) service, you can change your ISP location and have your connection routed through computers in another country. Now you are somewhere else virtually, without having to uproot yourself and your cat to a different country to watch every episode of some Korean soap opera you've read so much about or rewatch Friends on Netflix Switzerland, despite its removal from Netflix in the U.S. back in 2020. 

You need a VPN

Step one is to get a VPN, so if you don't already have one then check out our best VPN services of 2022 and find the service that works best for you. If you need an affordable way to watch all of this newfound content then I would take a peek at our cheap laptops and pick one up so you can quietly sneak off and watch Netflix UK or whichever region you're interested in. Ok, let's hop into this how-to. 

How to use a VPN to change your location

First, if you don't have a Netflix account, go set one up. 

Secondly, install the VPN that you chose and set up your VPN. Typically this is just installing a small app that will run in the background and route your connection through the VPN.

Third, use your VPN software to locate and connect your computer to a VPN server located in the location you wish to access Netflix. This will vary depending on your service, but typically you will either see your location and be able to click on it to change it or you will find your location options in the settings menu.

Fourth, open Netflix in your web browser, and log into your account. Netflix will recognize the location of your VPN server and redirect you to the Netflix catalog for that location.

That was pretty easy to do, and now you have access to more content options to fuel that endless search. However, here's the rub. Using a VPN to get around your home location's content is a direct violation of Netflix's terms of service, and they can shut down your account or limit your access to globally available Netflix originals like The Umbrella Academy. With Netflix also limiting password sharing, it's clear the company is trying to rein in users, so whether you want to take the risk in order to open up this larger trove of shows and movies is up to you.

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