Nintendo Switch 2 could have this must-play trio of games ready for March reveal

Nintendo Switch 2 concept
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The Nintendo Switch 2 is still an oasis on the horizon after a year-long drought of official Nintendo hardware news. However, while unconfirmed, we do know Nintendo have something up its sleeve when it comes to a Switch successor, and reports indicate we could be seeing the console get an official unveiling sooner rather than later.

Cult-classics to kick-start Nintendo's new console

Better still, a recent tip has surfaced online that indicates what we might find ourselves getting to grips with when the Nintendo Switch 2 eventually hits store shelves: Hideki Kamiya's Bayonetta.

Sadly, it won't be a fourth entry in the popular series, but it will be a compilation of the Umbra Witch's first three adventures in one package — no doubt upgraded and updated to take advantage of the Switch 2's hardware improvements.

The news comes via Nash Weedle (@NWeedle) on X, who states that the Bayonetta Trilogy will release for both the original Switch and new Switch 2, with improved performance and HDR visuals. Weedle also mentions backwards compatibility, something that is expected to feature in Nintendo's new console to make the transition from the original console as smooth as possible.

When to expect the Nintendo Switch 2

Research firm TechInsights forecasts the arrival of the Nintendo Switch 2 in 2024, with word coming from last year's Gamescom that March 2024 holds key significance for the Japanese manufacturer (according to YouTubers ModernVintageGamer and Nate the Hate).

Does this mean that we'll see the Nintendo Switch 2 release within this month? That's unlikely. Nintendo's usual pattern of unveiling hardware suggests that this window could be when we get our first look at the console with it's release following later in the year. Reports suggest that this could likely be in the Summer of 2024, with some leakers suggesting a September launch window.

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