Nintendo Switch 2's rumored 8-inch display is a huge upgrade, but where's OLED?

Nintendo Switch OLED
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Bloomberg reports Research Manager Hiroshi Hayase from analyst firm Omdia claims the Nintendo Switch 2 will launch with an 8-inch LCD panel. Fans are taking two major details out of this report, with the first one being that 8-inches is an enormous upgrade. The base Switch model launched in 2017 was 6.2-inches, while the OLED and Lite were 7-inches and 5.5-inches respectively.

But the other detail brings more concern than excitement, as this report features no mention of an OLED screen. If there is only one model of the Switch 2 at launch, players who use the Switch OLED will definitively be downgrading the screen by upgrading to the new model. Many fans are hoping Nintendo launches the Switch 2 with two models available, an LCD and slightly more expensive OLED on a potential Switch 2 Pro.

Nintendo Switch's 8-inch LCD screen report

Nintendo Switch 2 rumors have been circulating the internet for years, but ever since Eurogamer's report from late 2023 claiming that the console was demoed to game developers behind closed doors, it has finally felt real. Since then, we've seen tons of additional rumors, each of them with varying reliability.

And while Bloomberg doesn't have a perfect score when it comes to rumor authenticity, the website is among the most reliable. There's a good chance that the Nintendo Switch 2 does indeed feature an 8-inch LCD.

Nintendo Switch (OLED model)

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The base Nintendo Switch line-up featured three models with major differences in the form of the original console, Switch OLED and Switch Lite. There are several ways Nintendo can go about handling the launch of the Nintendo Switch 2, with the most likely being that a single console is put into stores and other models are released at a later date.

But if we can just dream for a second; imagine if Nintendo immediately shifted its line-up into the next generation. Imagine if the Nintendo Switch 2, Nintendo Switch OLED 2, and Nintendo Switch Lite 2 released at the same time, or at least within a relatively close date to one another.

Is this a fever dream that will probably never happen? Perhaps, but there are not-so-small fanbases present for each of the Switch models. Current users of the Switch Lite or Switch OLED are forced to settle for a version of the Switch 2 they don't particularly want, or just wait patiently until a new one is available. Frankly, I cannot blame anyone who refuses to go from OLED back to LCD, nor will I blame anyone without the budget to invest in anything above a Lite model.

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