Nintendo Switch 2 Pro leak sounds amazing, but about those Switch 2 specs

Nintendo Switch Ver. 10
The Nintendo Switch Pro 4K is rumored to feature a new Nvidia chip. (Image credit: Future)

Any rumored specs for the Switch 2 are exciting and much appreciated as we eagerly await the console's potential arrival later this year. With Nintendo inevitably (and understandably) being tight-lipped about the console's specs, price, or release date until it deems the information relevant, leaks like these are all we have to go on.

The latest possible Switch 2 specs come from the RedGamingTech YouTube channel (via, and they're not as great as we hoped they would be. Possible specs for a Pro version of the console were also discussed, and these specs sound amazing, aligning with what we wanted to see out of the Switch 2 base model.

Nintendo Switch 2 and Switch 2 Pro possible specs

The Switch 2 specs discussed in the video are a mixture of the YouTuber's own direct sources and a report comprised of rumors from United Daily News. If these latest rumored specs are to be believed, the Switch 2 base model might disappoint quite a few Nintendo fans.

Many people, including tipster @KirPinkFury on X, have been talking about the Switch 2 having 12GB of RAM, possibly 512GB of onboard storage, and DLSS 3.1 support. Unfortunately, according to this newly leaked information, the Switch 2 will only have 8GB of LPDDR5 RAM, 64GB of eMMC storage, and support for DLSS 2 and FSR 3.

The most disappointing of these new specs is easily the 8GB of RAM because the current Switch OLED has 4GB of RAM, and knowing this next-gen Switch might be around for six years, 12GB of RAM seemed like the minimum amount needed for future games. 64GB of eMMC storage isn't surprising, as it helps Nintendo keep initial costs down and allows people to spend extra only if they want the extra space.

Paul Eccleston speaks to the possibility of the Switch 2 hardware being able to support DLSS 3.1, but that most games probably won't utilize it because it'll hamper game performance too much. Another unfortunate spec is the console's 10 SMs (streaming multiprocessors), which could further prevent future games from running smoothly on the console.

rumored switch 2 specs

(Image credit: RedGamingTech)

On a positive note, Eccleston mentions that the Switch 2 base model could include a 7-inch 720p OLED 120Hz LTPO display (1000 nit peak brightness), better battery life, and full backwards compatible games and accessories. He says the Switch 2, or whatever it ends up being called, will look similar to the Switch OLED and perform roughly as well as a PS4 when it's docked.

While upgraded battery life and display specs will make some Nintendo fans happy, many fans will be left wanting for more powerful internal specs. The Switch 2 base model is rumored to launch for $400, and according to Eccleston's source, it's possible a Switch 2 Pro could launch alongside the base model.

This model would obviously be priced higher, but it's unclear what that number might look like. A Switch 2 Pro could possibly come with a fully enabled T239 SoC, which would allow for 12 SMs and probably be paired with 12GB of RAM. This upgraded model might also come with slightly more onboard storage.

More powerful handheld consoles are launching now, and Nintendo has to have considered that with Switch 2 development. There's the perk of Nintendo having plenty of exclusive games that keep fans coming back, but the Switch 2 needs beefy upgrades over the original Switch or the Switch OLED in order to properly compete. Releasing multiple Switch 2 variants with an optional power increase for players who want it seems like a smart way to go.

Until Nintendo's next-gen console is announced, we'll continue to cover any Switch 2 rumors as they pop up. With a rumored release date of September 2024, we're hoping Nintendo might announce something official at the yearly February Nintendo Direct event.

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