Nintendo fans dealt devastating Switch 2 blow

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The Nintendo Switch 2, long rumored to be announced soon and released later this year, has been in high demand from handheld console fans as they look forward to the next generation of portable gaming.

However, despite the hype and speculation, a recent rumor suggests that developers aiming to target Nintendo's next-gen console have been told to expect a console launch not in 2024 but 2025 instead.

This will be devastating for many, as several prior rumors have set the console up for a late 2024 release, with many fans feeling a hardware upgrade is already long overdue.

Nintendo Switch 2: If not 2024, then when?

So, when can we expect to see the Switch 2 arrive in 2025? Well, according to Brazilian games journalist and owner of one incredible name, Pedro Henrique Lutti Lippe (and as reported by Eurogamer), Nintendo is now aiming to release the new Switch 2 during Q1 2025. Something seemingly confirmed when VGC reported that at least two developers are now aiming for a Q1 2025 launch window.

Those hoping this means a January release is on the cards may be further disappointed as according to a Bloomberg report, some publishing executives have been told: "Not to expect the console until March 2025 at the earliest."

On reflection, there are worse delays imaginable, and if nothing else, we are slowly narrowing down the Nintendo Switch 2's eventual release date. However, for those hoping to enjoy a next-gen handheld experience in time for Christmas 2024, it would appear that will no longer be the case.

The new release window of early 2025 may mean that the Switch 2's announcement will be pushed back further, also. Where, instead of the rumored announcement at the next Nintendo Direct event, we could be waiting until October to hear more about the upcoming console — mirroring the release pattern of the original Nintendo Switch.

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