How to start God of War Valhalla DLC

God of War Valhalla
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As soon as the workday ended, I hopped on God of War Ragnarök to start the new Valhalla DLC. But I had a little bit of trouble trying to access it. If you're reading this, I assume you are too.

No worries, it's actually super simple. However, before I continue, remember that the Valhalla DLC is meant to be played AFTER you complete God of War Ragnarök's epilogue. This is the ending of the game — until Santa Monica Studio decides to drop another DLC. But you get the point.

Here's how to start the God of War Valhalla DLC.

How to start God of War Valhalla DLC

Step 1. This is important. God of War Ragnarök Valhalla is not an update despite how it was described. You have to download the God of War Valhalla DLC in the PlayStation Store. You can easily access it by scrolling down the game entry in your recent games bar.

Step 2. WAIT! PlayStation loves doing its PlayStation thing and telling you something finished downloading before it actually finished downloading. You might hop into God of War Ragnarök and see that there's a Valhalla menu prompt that leads you to the PlayStation Store entry. Don't go to the main game. It's not there. Close God of War Ragnarök and wait until the download is actually finished.

Step 3. Once it's actually downloaded, the Valhalla menu prompt will lead you into the DLC. Click that, and you're in. 

It's as easy as that — I got a little lost along the way because of PS5 shenanigans. Remember, the God of War Valhalla DLC takes place after God of War Ragnarök. If you haven't fully completed the base game, including all major side quests, you will likely be spoiled or even confused.

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