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Cherry XTRFY
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Cherry make great great keyboards. Doy! Who doesn't know that? The brand's high-performance switches are the backbone of the premium keyboard market. What you might not know is that having acquired Swedish gaming gear gurus XTRFY in 2023 Cherry also make some excellent gaming accessories and peripherals under the all-new Cherry XTRFY gaming brand.

How excellent are we talking? Well, lets take a look at evidence and see for ourselves. Though I promise you, you won't be left disappointed by this latest offering of gaming mice, keyboards, and studio-grade microphones. Let's hop to it!

We're on the scene in Las Vegas to check out the latest tech at this year's CES 2024 showcase. Be sure to tag along on our CES 2024 journey by following Laptop Mag on TikTok, Twitter/X, Instagram, Flipboard, and Facebook for the most up to date hands-on impressions and news coming from the convention floor.

CES 2024: CHERRY XTRFY MX 3.1 gaming keyboard

The MX 3.1 isn't just an aluminum-cased display of design prowess with its angular cutouts and per-key-RGB illuminations, it's also a showcase of Cherry's new next-gen MX2A gold crosspoint precision switches.

It's these switches that ensure the brand's smooth actuation, solid acoustics, and phenomenal longevity with each switch rated for a 100 million keystroke lifespan. It's a key component to the Cherry keyboard experience, and they ooze trademark comfort and precision performance with every compression.

With full N-Key rollover, 100% Anti-Ghosting, and a polling rate of 1000Hz, the MX 3.1 is a fantastic addition to any gaming setup and a dream to use across all purposes when it comes to computing.

The CHERRY XTRFY MX 3.1 will be available for purchase in Q2 2024 for $129.

CES 2024: CHERRY XTRFY M64 & M68 gaming mice

Everybody knows about Cherry's keyboard prowess (at least they should, and if you happen not to know, now you bloody well do), but the brand is also no stranger to precision mice — with its latest offering through the CHERRY XTRFY brand being the M64 Wireless/M64 Pro Wireless ergonomic and M68 Wireless/M68 Pro Wireless ambidextrous gaming mice.

The Pro models of these mice deliver, as the name would expect, pro-level performance with an impressive 8KHz polling rate from their Pixart sensors for incredibly smooth tracking and precision accuracy that captures every subtle movement.

Designed for comfort, these gaming mice feature all of the ergonomic slopes and smoothness to accommodate hands of all alignments and sizes with ultralight weights that allow their PTFE feet to glance around desks with minimal friction.

Cherry's esport-level gaming peripherals are expected to arrive in Q2 2024. The M64 Wireless and M68 Wireless will be available for $99, while the M64 Pro Wireless and M68 Pro Wireless will be available for $139.

CES 2024: CHERRY XTRFY Ngale Microphones

Cherry XTRFY

(Image credit: CHERRY XTRFY)

Even I wasn't all that familiar with Cherry's microphone portfolio until recently and with a new lineup of mics on their way tailored to gamers, streamers, and content creators it may be the best time to start paying closer attention to what the brand has to offer.

At the head of the pack is the Ngale X, an XLR/USB hybrid dynamic microphone designed to offer users a studio-grade microphone experience at a non-studio price. On-device controls allow for gain adjustment and muting, and an integrated foam windscreen and pop filter protect your recordings from any unwanted peaks. Better still, it fits that gamer setup vibe perfectly with its adjustable RGB illumination.

Following suit is the Ngale R, a stand-alone USB condenser mic for simple, easy, and effective audio capture. It's RGB-infused retro-inspired design will leave you feeling like a cyberpunk Johnny Carson and its smart noise cancellation and cardioid capsule are ideal for streaming or voiceovers.

The Ngale series will be available for purchase in Q2 2024, with the Ngale X priced at $189 and the Ngale R at $119.

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