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Netflix Games
Netflix Games (Image credit: Future)

When I think of a platform to play the best games on, Netflix Games doesn’t come to mind. Heck, I’d even subscribe to Apple Arcade before thinking about scrolling through the streaming giant’s collection of Android and iOS games. That’s not a dig; the best Apple Arcade games are a treat.

This is coming from someone who is a recurring subscriber to Xbox Game Pass on PC and recently finished two Game of the Year contenders on PS5: Elden Ring and God of War Ragnarök. So, of course I’m going to be looking for something a little more than Too Hot to Handle: Love Is a Game (yes, that’s a thing).

But then I started looking for a way to play one of the best games of the year: Immortality. This award-nominated interactive film game by Sam Barlow, the developer behind games such as Her Story and Telling Lies, garnered quite a bit of attention — its mysterious, creepy vibes are right up my alley. And wouldn’t you know it? There it was, sitting in Netflix Games, ready to download and play.

Sure, it’s also available to play on Xbox Game Pass, but as a subscriber to Netflix (and really, who isn’t these days?), you get the game bundled in with your monthly subscription. You bet I played it on Android, and after delving into Netflix’s ever-growing collection of 40 exclusive mobile games, I realized that Netflix Games isn’t complete garbage.

From thrilling tactical RPG Into the Breach to acclaimed supernatural mystery adventure Oxenfree, along with recently added gems such as Kentucky Route Zero and Twelve Minutes, Netlifx Games surprisingly has the best games around. What’s more, you’ll soon see popular beat ‘em up Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge and Valiant Hearts: Coming Home, the sequel to the heart-breaking Valiant Hearts: The Great War, coming in 2023.

Looking to make the most out of your Netflix subscription? Here are the best Netflix Games to play. 

 The best Netflix Games to play right now  


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Immortality fits Netflix Games’ memo to a tee. This interactive movie from the mind of Sam Barlow asks you one compelling question: what happened to Marissa Marcel? This rising star disappeared, leaving behind footage from three movies across three decades that were never released. With an archive of behind-the-scenes footage and reels of each movie, it’s up to you to parse through each clip to find out what happened.

What starts as an interesting look at movie development and the trials and tribulations of an up-and-coming star soon turns into something a whole lot creepier. You have the ability to play, pause, rewind, and fast-forward each clip, and jump from scene to scene by clicking on people of interest and a vast array of objects to discover new footage. While it seems simple, you’ll soon realize the spine-tingling footage you can unearth. It’s thought-provoking, to say the least.

Immortality on iOS and Android 

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Thanks to Netflix owning developer Night School Studios, subscribers can now play Oxenfree. From the artwork to the engaging supernatural mystery a group of friends find themselves wrapped up in, this narrative-driven, point-and-click (or point-and-tap) adventure is a must-play for anyone after some stunning storytelling.

Being put in the shoes of Alex, expect to choose from an array of dialogue options to either develop or crumble the relationships of the other colorful personalities of the group. Or don’t say anything at all and just watch the mystery unfold. It’s up to you how things play out, and that’s what makes Oxenfree a blast to play.  

Oxenfree on iOS and Android 

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Into the Breach 

Mech battles? Check. Clever grid-based strategy? You got it. Saving humanity from alien insects? Now we’re talking. Into the Breach saw huge fanfare when it came out in 2018, and it continues to impress to this day due to its hard-hitting gameplay that could see you eliminate the Vek threat but destroy comrades in the process.

It’s a wicked game from the developers of FTL: Faster Than Light, and has tons of replayability, thanks to its randomly generated challenges. You’ll be in control of different mechs with various abilities to counter the Vek, and it can get quite intense. Fail the mission? No worries; you’ll be sent back in time to try and save another timeline.

Into the Breach on iOS and Android 

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Kentucky Route Zero 

Kentucky Route Zero has been on a long journey. This point-and-click adventure had been in the works for over seven years, from its first act rolling out in 2013 to its final fifth act releasing in 2020. Now, the full story arc of the BAFTA Game Award-winning game is ready to play for Netflix subscribers.

It’s all about the narrative with this one. There aren’t any real puzzles or challenges to complete, just the chance for gamers to pick dialogue options for Conway (along with other characters) and tell him where to go with a simple click. That’s all that’s needed, though. The unique and sometimes eerie art design, deep narrative, and calmness about traveling the roads of an unknown highway is riveting.

Kentucky Route Zero on iOS and Android 

(Image credit: Annapurna Interactive)

Twelve Minutes  

If you like weird, you’ll be a fan of Annapurna Interwactive’s Twelve Minutes. Another point-and-click adventure with a Hollywood cast of Daisy Ridley, James Mcavoy, and Willem Dafoe; it’s an ode to Hitchcock with some shocking twists.

In our Twelve Minutes review, we praised its gripping story, fantastic performances, and unique visual style. It can get repetitive, especially when you can’t figure out what to do. But this is about a man trapped in a time loop who does everything possible to prevent his wife from being arrested (or worse), so “repetitive” comes with the territory. Expect a powerful, one-of-a-kind interactive thriller that sticks with you.
Twelve Minutes on iOS and Android 

(Image credit: Thunder Lotus Games)


Who thought death could be so colorful and filled with building mechanics? Spiritfarer puts you in the shoes of Stella, who helps wandering spirits find their way to the afterlife with a very wide ship. As a Spiritfarer, a ferrymaster to the deceased, you don’t just spend some time with departing spirits and learn to say goodbye, as you’ll also be farming, mining, fishing, harvesting, cooking, and crafting.

It’s an easy-going management game with some action RPG elements sprinkled in there, so if you liked Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but are looking for an emotional punch, too, Spiritfarer is right up your creek.

Spiritfarer on iOS and Android 

(Image credit: Digital Sun Games)


Running a shop by day and slaying monsters by night (what a life), this action RPG mashes together rouge-lite elements, crafting, and even shopkeeping. Thanks to a set of gates that open to different realms, there’s plenty of loot to obtain — and it’s up to you to pick them up and sell them all.

This indie title received a lot of attention when it launched back in 2018 and still holds up, thanks to its numerous updates that bring new weapons, armors, enemies, and more. Plus, if you’re not sick of it by the time you finish the main quest, there’s now New Game+.

Moonlighter on iOS and Android 

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