Google Pixel 8 vs. Pixel 7a: Which is the better Black Friday deal?

Black Friday deals face-off Google Pixel 8 vs. Google PIxel 7a
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Top Black Friday deals are swirling all around the internet at the minute. It's a tornado of terrific transactions and its heading right for us. In all the screaming and confusion it can be hard to judge where to spend your hard earned cash. One pressing question I'm facing at the moment is, "Should I grab the Google Pixel 8 for $549, or save a little extra and pick up the Google Pixel 7a for $374?"

Both are fantastic smartphones, each backed by Google and an exclusive Pixel feature set. But which is the best deal? Well, lets keep this short and sweet by summarizing our Google PIxel 8 vs. Google Pixel 7a face-off:

  • Performance: The Google Pixel 8 is a fantastic device, it offers an upgraded Tensor G3 chipset (over the Pixel 7a's reliance on Google's last gen processor the Tensor G2), promising improved performance and efficiency.
  • Cameras: While the cameras of both phones differ, each has its own strengths with the Pixel 7a touting a higher 64MP main shooter, and the Pixel 8's 50MP alternative featuring a superior aperture for improved shooting under a wider variety of light.
  • Display: The Pixel 8 also includes a slightly larger 6.2-inch, 120Hz Adaptive OLED display (as opposed to the Pixel 7a's 6.1-inch 90Hz Adaptive OLED panel).

Which is the better Black Friday deal?

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