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PS5 release date leaked for October (Sony says it's an error)

(Image credit: PlayStation)

The PS5 will be released in October 2020, according to a job listing posted by Sony Interactive Entertainment. However, Sony told Famitsu that the job listing was a mistake.

The job listing was found on, and it reads (in a Google Translation): "We will select the best suppliers from domestic and overseas parts partners, and adjust the specifications of hardware parts and production capacity in cooperation with the design department and quality assurance department to create PlayStation 5 scheduled to be released in October 2020."

The October time frame isn't much of a surprise since many cross-gen games have scheduled release dates of October 2020. With that in mind, it's entirely possible that the release date is legit.

However, considering that we still don't know what the PS5 even looks like, it's hard to believe that the PS5 will launch only five months from now. Rumors have stated that there will be a PlayStation event sometime in June, but Sony has yet to announce anything.

Most of the things we know about the PS5 are gleaned from rumors, leaks and job listings like this one. Keep in mind that job listings have been wrong before. At one point, there was a job listing that claimed that the PS5 was the "world's fastest console" until it was removed several days later.

Stay tuned for more PS5 news, which will arrive whenever Sony decides to grace us with the next-gen console.

Rami Tabari

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