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Toshiba Bows $299 mini NB505 Netbook with EasyGrip Finish, Dual-Core NB305

Given that CES 2011 is all about tablets, it's not easy to get excited about a new netbook. But Toshiba at least racks up some style points with the new mini NB505. The 2.9-pound machine's EasyGrip finish feels great and comes in several hues, including brown, blue, lime green, orange and turquoise. For $299 you get a single-core Intel Atom N455 CPU, 1GB of RAM, a 250GB hard drive, and up to 8 hours of juice.

Those willing to splurge can pick up Toshiba's first dual-core netbook, decked out in a new blue aluminum finish. Priced at $379, the NB305 is not only faster than its value-priced cousin but weighs less (2.6 vs. 2.9 pounds), lasts longer on a charge (8:40), and features both a hard drive impact sensor and sleep-and-charge USB port. The NB305 includes the same spacious keyboard and touchpad that made its predecessors Editors' Choice picks.

Full gallery below, including hands-on shots of the NB505's grippy lid.