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ZTE to Reveal its Firefox OS Phone at Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress may be a month away, but ZTE is already tipping its hand about what it will be debuting at the conference in Spain. The company teased two hashtags on the invite for their MWC event: #ZTEGrandMemo and #ZTEMozilla. The first is a reference to the already announced 5.7-inch phablet Android smartphone. The second looks to be one of the first phones to feature Mozilla's Firefox OS, an HTML5-based operating system for smartphones. 

We first saw Firefox OS under the name Boot to Gecko at last year's Mobile World Congress. The software is designed for lower-end handsets and is likely to debut in Europe before making its way across the pond. It's completely open source with readily available code updates and Mozilla is encouraging handset makers to tweak it as they see fit. Mozilla is touting it as a platform that's free from the restrictions of other mobile OSes (*cough Apple cough*) and gives developers plenty of creative freedom with HTML5 and APIs that Mozilla has proposed as new standards.

We can't wait to see this new OS in action on an official handset. Stay tuned for a hands on when LAPTOP goes to Mobile World Congress at the end of February. 

via Endgadget