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ZTE To Launch First Tegra 4 Super Phones In China This Year

Nvidia just unveiled its powerhouse Tegra 4 processor at last month’s CES, and now we’re beginning to see the first smartphones, or should we say super phones, featuring this technology. On Wednesday, ZTE officially announced that it will begin debuting Tegra 4-based handsets in China during the first half of 2013.

Nvidia’s Tegra 4 is known for its strong performance, using quad-core power for heavy-duty tasks and a secondary single core to preserve power consumption when quad-core usage isn't necessary. It also comes with 72 custom GeForce GPU cores, which means it boasts six times the graphics performance of its predecessor, the Tegra 3.

“ZTE’s newest super phones will show off Tegra 4’s processing power, efficiency and unprecedented capabilities,” Phil Carmack, Senior Vice President of the Mobile Business at Nvidia, said in a statement. “They’re a great example of what the market expects from one of the world’s largest smartphone makers.”

As for ZTE’s upcoming Tegra 4 phone, the company has not disclosed any additional details other than the processor we can expect. There’s no word on the handset’s official technical specifications or if regions beyond China will even see the device.  

ZTE was generally vague about its plans, but did say that it intends to build on the success of its previous releases with Nvidia such as the Grand X and the Grand Era. The Grand X was the first smartphone that incorporated both Nvidia’s Tegra processer and Icera modem, and the Grand Era debuted with the Tegra 3 chip last year.

Wednesday’s announcement also follows another significant reveal from Nvidia. Just one day earlier, the company unveiled its Tegra 4i, a newer version of the Tegra 4 that ships with an integrated LTE modem.  This isn’t the chip we’ll be seeing in ZTE’s upcoming super phone, but the China-based manufacturer did announce plans to create another phone with Nvidia—this time utilizing its i500 chipset that offers 4G LTE support.

Last year we got some hands-on time with ZTE’s Grand Era, finding that it performed spectacularly with Nvidia’s Tegra 3, but was lacking in its display. We'll be waiting to see if ZTE steps up its game with its forthcoming Tegra 4-based handset.