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Withings Uses iPhone For New Blood Pressure Monitor

Withings, a company known for iOS health-related apps and a weight scale, has added a blood pressure monitor to its stable of gadgets. The cuff costs $129 and connects directly to your Apple device (iPod, iPad, or iPhone) via a free app to save the measurements and sync them with an online database.

The cuff is unobtrusive and even stylish. Set up appears simple--just download the app and plug the cuff in. The Withings BPM measures both systolic and diastolic blood pressures, as well as heart rate. Results are clearly labeled in large numbers on an intuitive, simple interface, and users will also be able to differentiate between all the different people who use the app to store their information, with stats organized in easily-readable and zoom-capable charts to track their progress.

The Withings application can also integrate information from Withings' WiFi body scale to track both BP and weight in the same graph, and also offers the user an option to e-mail the results to their health care provider. It is also compatible with online health record services such as Google Health and GravityEight.

With more than 25 percent of the world's population suffering from hypertension, Withings offers a simple and elegant solution for iPod, iPad, and iPhone users who want to maintain and track their blood pressures. Cheaper BPMs are available--the lowest on Amazon is only $31 to Withings' $129-- but the additional functionality and support the application offers will give health-conscious Apple users an easy way to monitor this aspect.