Windows 10 Borrows MacBook Trackpad Gestures

Windows 10 is bringing back what people loved about Windows 7, but it's also taking some cues from the competition at Apple. Revealed at a keynote at TechEd Europe, Windows 10 will support multi-finger trackpad gestures that are largely similar to those of Apple's MacBooks. 

According to The Verge, Windows 10 will let you swipe down with three fingers to minimize all open windows, and swipe up to make them reappear. As with Apple's OS X, Windows 10 supports swiping three fingers left or right to switch apps, and will feature a three-finger gesture to pull up Task View, a birds-eye app view that's largely reminiscent of Mission Control in OS X. 

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In addition to new gesture controls, Windows 10 will also allow users to snap windows side-by-side across multiple monitors. This feature could prove useful for power users who want to stretch things like spreadsheets or video editing apps neatly across several screens. 

These new trackpad gestures and snap modes will be available in an upcoming build of Windows 10 Technical Preview, though Microsoft did not announce a specific release date. You can download the current version of Technical Preview now, with the final build of Windows 10 expected to arrive sometime in 2015. 

Source: The Verge

Michael Andronico
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